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    Operations Management - Questions

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    Answer the following questions in detail.

    1. Explain how operations management helps to reach an organization's goals and objectives.

    2. The operations management works with three main areas: management decisions, function and process. Explain why managers need to understand what is operations management.

    3. Define the following terms:
    process, quality, capacity and inventory.

    4. Discuss how the globalization process interacts with operations management.

    5. Describe the nature of operations management in the following organizations:
    the library of a university
    a hotel
    a small manufacturing plant

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    Organizational goals and objectives are established by upper management and other high-level stakeholders. These goals and objectives help lead the company in the direction that matches the vision and mission statement of the company. Operations Management specifically addresses the production and operations aspect in the production process of goods or services. Since operations management dictates the process of converting input into output, the standards, policies and procedures guide the organization in the right path.

    In essence, every manager and/or supervisor is tasked with operational management duties. Once a person becomes a manager, they should familiarize themselves with the theories ...

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