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Operations Management and Linear Programming

Kindly answer the following questions

1. Operations management is sometimes also as p___________ management and/or decision s_________ systems and/or management s________.

2. Examples of important OM methods and techniques include:

a. G___d A______s

b. D_______n T______s

c. P___________y

d. S___ S______a

3. Linear Programming is a mathematical technique used to allocate limited resources among competing demands in an optimal way. For instance, it might be used to maximize profit or to minimize cost. True/False/Don't Know

4. After installing Microsoft Excel Solver, use Solver to

Maximize Z = 3X + Y, under these constraints: 12X + 14Y ≤ 85, 3X + 2Y ≤ 18, 0 ≤ Y ≤ 4, X ≥ 0, Z ≥ 0.

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