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Linear programming models

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Why should decision makers who are primarily concerned with marketing or finance or production know about linear programming?

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This discusses the Linear programming models

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Operations management often presents complex problems that can be modeled by linear functions. The mathematical technique of linear programming is instrumental in solving a wide range of operations management problems.
Linear Program Structure

Linear programming models consist of an objective function and the constraints on that function. A linear programming model takes the following form:

Objective function:

Z = a1X1 + a2X2 + a3X3 + . . . + anXn


b11X1 + b12X2 + b13X3 + . . . + b1nXn < c1

b21X1 + b22X2 + b23X3 + . . . + b2nXn < c2
bm1X1 + bm2X2 + bm3X3 + . . . + bmnXn < ...

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