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    Wealth/Power in United States, Class Theories, Policy Process

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    You are writing a letter to the editor to a prestigious national newspaper or magazine. Your purpose is to discuss a current issue in the United States as related to the distribution and concentration of wealth in the United States.

    Write a paper, modeled after a letter to the editor, in which you address the following points:

    o Select one current issue to use as an example of the distribution and concentration of wealth in the United States.
    o Explain how we define power, wealth, class, and influence in the United States.
    o Describe how class theories best explain the distributions and concentrations of power, wealth, class, and influence in the United States.
    o Discuss why it is important to understand these differences, and how they influence the policy process.

    Use at least three resources for this paper including your course materials. Refer to the tables and figures in Power and Society as well as the companion website to Who Rules America?

    Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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    To: The Editor
    Date: 23rd September, 20xx
    Subject: Distribution and Concentration of wealth in the US

    Dear Sir:

    Wealth refers to the value of everything that a person and family own minus all its debts. Most of economists define wealth as marketable assets like stocks, bonds and real estate. In marketable securities, consumer durables like cars are not included because they are not readily converted in cash (Domhoff 2011). After determining value of marketable securities, value of all debts like credit card debts and home mortgages are in order to calculate net worth of a person. Income refers to what people earn from work. In addition to this, income also includes rent, royalties, interest and dividend that they received on properties they own (Domhoff 2011).

    Power refers to the ability of controlling the behaviors of others, even against their will. Groups and individuals who have power are able to use it to increase their own interests. It is not necessary that individuals take these benefits at the cost of society. In the US, social class is an arguable issue because there is a disagreement on its models and its existence in the country. A simple three class model including the rich, the middle class and the poor has ...

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