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    sociological perspectives

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    Describe the functionalist view of social stratification, and the conflict theory's view of social stratification. Also provide a pro or con position on each of the following three points: first, social stratification is necessary for societies to exist and prosper; second, the United States functions, overall, as a meritocracy; and third, human beings-driven as they are by human nature-are incapable of ever creating and/or living in a classless society.

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    1. Define social stratification - what is it about? 50-100 words.
    2. ST using the functionalist view - same word count
    3. ST using the conflict theory view - same word count
    4. Point 1 - provide pro and con view
    5. Point 2 - same as above
    6. Point 3 - same as above

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    On Social Stratification

    Simply put, social stratification is the view that society is stratified, that it is based on a kind of hierarchy wherein society is divided into various levels dependent upon socio-economic capacities. At the very top are the upper class - those who have the most influence and the most opportunities and access for financial an economic gain, the affluent and the wealthy. This is followed by the middle class which is the stronghold of any society and economy as this is the class that creates economic demand and supply of labour pool and talent. How strong a country's middle class is dictates its economic, political ...

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