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Policing Personalities: Psychological and Sociological Perspectives

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What are some of the personality types that are found in policing? Describe some psychological and sociological perspectives on police personalities. Which perspective do you believe best describes the differences in police personalities?

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The main personality type found in policing is the authoritarian type. Police officers must retain a high level of authority in order to properly enforce the rules, laws, and regulations set forth by various branches of government. In order to effectively execute this duty, the police officer or law enforcement officer must be able to hold a high degree of authority in his/her demeanor, words, and actions. "This" is what compels the individual to listen to and respect the law enforcement officer and his/her position in society. We would also see a personality type commonly known as a duty oriented type. A person that has this type of personality works to fulfill his/her individual duty ...

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This solution explains the personality types that are found in policing, psychological and sociological perspectives on police personalities, and also explains which perspective is the most effective in describing differences in police personalities. Includes 2 references.