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Conflict Theory & Violence in Pakistan

Pakistan: Upsurge in Killings in Balochistan

Please comment briefly on the following news items. Your comments should be at least 100-250 words for each news item, and reflect your knowledge of sociological theories by applying a sociological theory to the news/issue under discussion, as well as your own analyses.

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Since you did not indicate the news article you are being asked to review, to help you, I have had to find a news article that 'matched' your topic of interest. This is the news article link:

Do review it as it may not be the right article. Even then, the contents pertain to the topic in question so it should apply. What you are being asked here is to 'comment' on the article via a sociological lens. Since you did not indicate the sociological theory you are supposed to apply, I went the 'safe route' and chose a one of the main sociological perspectives.

Pakistan: Upsurge in Killings in Baluchistan

Baluchistan is a mountainous and arid region in Southwest Asia spread across Iran and Pakistan. In Pakistan, this part of the region is known as the province of Baluchistan, the largest of the nation's provinces with a population of 6.6 million. It is inhabited by numerous Baloch & Pashtu tribes and its chief city Quetta, which ...

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The solution provides information, advise and insight into the upsurge in killings in Balochistan, Pakistan in relation to sectarian and political divisions, especially that related to tribal divisions and the Taleban with reference to the conflict theory perspective (sociology). References are listed. A word version is attached.