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    Business Operations In Pakistan

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    The company is currently engaged in business activities both nationally and internationally. On the international side of your company, the countries you are operating in are experiencing riots, strikes by their citizens, unconfirmed violence against their people by the government, and other atrocities. Your physical facilities and products are insured and protected, and your company is attempting to ensure the safety and well-being of your employees. There is talk that possible sanctions may be enforced against the government of these countries to halt their activities against their people. From your company's financial point of view regarding the revenue being generated from these locations, the performance in the past has been solid, and the forecast is equally looking up. It is your task to write a statement to be presented to your CEO regarding the future of the operations in these countries and whether the company should continue as a status quo, be halted based upon the actions of the government, or leave these locations as a public show of support for the people and as a caring organization focusing more on the individual instead of the bottom-line profit.

    Using the Internet and the library, select a country that is unfortunately experiencing some of the same issues cited in the description of the assignment. Document your findings and how they could relate to your current business situation.
    State your opinion regarding the impact of conducting business with this country and the ramifications of doing so or not doing so.
    State what your recommendations will be to the CEO of your company, and support your recommendation.

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    Business Operations in Pakistan

    Pakistan is a developing country with numerous opportunities for businesses. However, from past few years, Pakistan is facing an immense crisis politically, socially and economically. This country is also suffering from various issues such as unstable government, internal violence and communal riots, internal and external terrorist activities, security, human rights problems, suicide bombing, foreign drone attacks and a bad situation of law. These situations create a shaky and unpredictable business environment for the business operations in Pakistan.

    Pakistan is a democratic country, but there have been many cases in past where military took charge and overthrew the president. Pakistan is suffering from pains of communal riots and many other internal riots and protests by its citizens. Citizens of Pakistan don't have much freedom. They are not free to express their ideas and opinions about the government or on any sensitive issues. People of Pakistan don't have some of the basic human rights due to the increased government interference in their lives.

    Foreign investors are not willing to setup their businesses operations in Pakistan due to the internal problems within the country. Multinational companies are facing problems like painful and lengthy procedures for getting licenses and work permits in Pakistan, due to terrorism and declining exports, unstable government etc. International companies are unwilling to open their offices and franchises in Pakistan. Pakistan has seen the largest migration since independence in 1947. People are migrating from Pakistan to the safer places. These people have ...

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