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The US & it's Allies

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Why do the same countries the U.S. counts on to act in accordance with U.S. policy on terrorism in fact promote the problem of terrorism? What can be done to resolve this dilemma?

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The solution below is based on recent debates, articles and policy positions on the subject that you have indicated in your post. Since you did not indicate which allies; I have taken the liberty of choosing 2 in this case - Pakistan & Israel. I have indicated the references used for the purpose of expansion. Good luck to you and thank you for using Brainmass.

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Pakistan: Counter-productive Measures

In the recent diplomatic trip taken by newly-elected British PM David Cameron to South Asia, he, to the shock of many "risked inflaming international relations after suggesting Pakistan is promoting the 'export of terror' in Afghanistan and around the world," (UK Telegraph, 2010, see 9). This comes in the wake of a visit to India and new evidence gathered by British Intelligence on the possibility of Pakistan's 'double dealing'; new evidence accuses Pakistan that while it is aligning itself with the West, it is also aligning with the Taliban and other radical elements being that senior officials of the Taleban appear to have been given semi-official sanctuary in Pakistan. Cameron shares that this concern is not his alone, having visited and conferred with US Pres. Barack Obama and Indian PM Singh on the matter, it seems that intelligence sources reveal a disturbing display of Pakistani priorities and approaches (Pakistan's ISI intelligence agency is reported to be supporting the Taliban insurgency to keep status qou with the radical elements now encroached in Pakistani regions).

In the early days of the Global War on Terror, then Pakistani PM Pervez Musharaff opened ties and communication with the US to defeat the Taleban regime in neighbouring Afghanistan and Pakistan has since then worked closely with the US, it's borders, ports and important facilities used by the NATO coalition in the Global War on Terror effort. While some headway has been gained, as Afghanistan emptied of both people and radical cells, they all headed for Pakistan for sanctuary and to regroup. Pakistan faced with refugees and the threat of radicalism had to fight insurgency within. With radical groups gaining ground in regions like Waziristan (where the ...

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The solution is a discussion of the problem presented in the original question (Why do the same countries the U.S. counts on to act in accordance with U.S. policy on terrorism in fact promote the problem of terrorism? What can be done to resolve this dilemma?) which illustrates the issue by providing examples of allies that do just that (i.e. Pakistan, Israel). The solution is a 1,266-word essay that follows the APA format. References are listed. A word version of the solution is attached for easy printing.

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