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    US Relations with Korea and China

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    Need help with Summarizing events between the U.S. and North Korea and identify and describe the current relationship between the U.S. and South Korea.

    Need help with describing the current U.S. diplomatic approach to the country China then Contrast and compare the two (2) relationships. Then I must use the two (2) countries as examples, summarize how the U.S. has changed the ways it relates to other countries in the past 20 years.

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    In essence, it appears that the initial downfall of relations between the United States and N. Korea occurred when the United States did nothing in support of North Korea, when Japan annexed this nation after their victory in the Russo- Japanese war. Shortly after World War II, relations between the US and North Korea were further strained when the Soviet Union heavily influenced North Korea above the 38th parallel, which lead to a breakdown in relations between both the United States and North Korea, as well as North Korea and South Korea. Relations between these two countries was further strained when the United States failed to recognize the Democratic People's Republic ...