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Transnational Crime

Compare and contrast two separate cultures and ethnicities that harbor ill-will toward the United States.

The two separate cultures are North Korea and Iraq.

What are the roles that socialization and religion play in shaping the beliefs of these two cultures?

Why are these particular beliefs formed in these two cultures?

How does culture and religion shape these beliefs?

Why are these cultures militant in their beliefs toward the United States?

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Answer #1: Socialization and religion have contributed to the diplomatic relations which exists between the US and N. Korea as well as that between the US and Iraq. The N. Korean government opposes Christianity due to its connection to the Western world and the influence that it has concerning the US government. Possession of a Bible in N. Korea is grounds for deportation (when applicable) or arrest. In regards to Iraq, their socialization process and religion is at polar odds with that of America. The religion, Islam directly influences the way in which Iraq is governed. The liberties which exist in America for various kinds of people does not exist in Islam. Iraq's governmental policy is very limited in their tolerance. However, the riff between the US and Iraq is more so political than social or religious.

Answer #2: The beliefs and attitudes that the US has in regards to N. Korea (and vice versa) are derived from the pre-existing relationship that Japan had with N. Korea. The inherited animosities between N. Korea and the US are a direct derivative of the conflicts between N. Korea and ...