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types of transnational crime and organized groups

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What are some of the most important examples of types of transnational crime and organized groups that commit these crimes? How have the United States and other countries tried to combat transnational crime, and with what results? Why is transnational crime so difficult to eradicate? Construct a 250-300 word posting in which you respond thoroughly, supporting your answer with references

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Transnational crime refers to the crime that takes place across international borders. It is different from international crime in that crossing borders forms an integral part of the crime. Therefore, an event that began in one country can have consequences in some other country. The most important types of transnational crimes are human trafficking, weapons and drug trafficking, piracy (particularly of sea-fearing vessels), and terrorism.

International law has tried to prevent all this with differing levels of success and failure. Terrorism takes the most ink space since it is usually used against high profile targets, but perhaps more disturbing are human trafficking and trafficking of contraband weapons and drugs. For a long time the economy of Afghanistan was ...

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Types of transnational crime and organized groups are featured.

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