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    criminal obsessions class notes

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    1.) What are your views on organized crime and the process of globalization? Use the readings as support for your thoughts.

    2.) Why has money laundering become such a powerful tool in 20th/21st century life, especially in such diverse areas as wars, organized crime, and all forms of trafficking?

    How does global power produce disturbing preoccupations and unhealthy motivations for 21st century life? Please give your opinions/thoughts/comments substantiated by the readings. Do not summarize any text.

    How does violent crime appear to mix into different parts of the world, transcending national or ethnic differences to accomplish its aims and goals? Can it be stopped?

    Is there any visible line between what is considered legal and what is considered illegal according to the authors in your readings? How is this supposed "line" drawn in individual cultures and personal identities? What is your opinion about this area as applied to world wide criminality?

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    1.) What are your views on organized crime and the process of globalization? Use the readings as support for your thoughts.

    In reference to organized crime, globalization has greatly enhanced the process of organized crime as it has enabled organized criminal syndicates to collaborate across borders in a easier manner while facilitating the trafficking of humans, drugs, guns, and the laundering of money from these elicit activities. The world is an increasingly smaller place as previous borders and restrictions on free movement of humans are eradicated, and although this elicits legal trade between nations at a rate not before seen in human history, it has also exacerbated the social ills associated with criminal activities such as human trafficking and drug trafficking. Sex trafficking of women and children is a billion dollar a year business, and women and children from impoverished countries are often coerced into these slavery conditions based upon false promises of employment or dreams of a better life in Westernized countries.

    Globalization has made it easier for clandestine organized crime organizations to remain anonymous and hidden while operating across the globe. As a result, there are an estimated 46 million people living in modern-day slavery across the globe wherein they are either forced to work as sex slaves, forced to work without pay, or forced to be drug mules and other positions associated with organized crime. In addition, the proliferation of sex trafficking has exponentially risen along with globalization.

    2.) Why has money ...

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    Criminal obsessions class notes are examined. How money laundering has become such a powerful tool in the 20th and 21st century life is determined.