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    Mother Courage and Hedda Gabler

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    Compare a character from Mother Courage and Hedda Gabler.

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    First of all, as you write your own essay, you might easily compare Mother Courage and Hedda in many ways. You can use some of the other notes from the former post about Hedda and then examine some of my new notes here about Mother Courage to compare and contrast.

    In other words, I see both women definite victims of circumstance: Hedda is a victim of her past, and Mother Courage is a victim of the war. However, you might also attest that both women then become abusive and delusional, inflicting harm on others and themselves throughout the play. Do you see these patterns present in both plays? Please add quotes to demonstrate.

    For example, you might note how Anna Fierling, Mother Courage, follows the armies to make profits as she struggles to sell her wares to both sides. Although her sales are primarily to ensure her survival, she then becomes obsessed with money and even loses her children based on her greed and selfishness. Please find quotes to show where her actions cause pain.

    Just as Hedda also loses family ties due to her greed, you might also ...

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    The following posting contrasts character between Mother Courage and Hedda Gabler.