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social problem and theme in Hedda Gabler

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Identify what social/domestic problem Ibsen is addressing and how the other characters, George Tesman, Thea Elvsted, Judge Brack, Eilert Lovborg, and even Berta and Miss Juliana Tesman complicit in this "problem" and Hedda's subsequent suicide?

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First, as you explore examples of social commentary within this piece, I strongly advise you to notice the ramifications of feminist theory. For example, I feel that Ibsen is showing us how Hedda is a victim of a phallocentric society where men abuse and control women. Men in this play control the economic politics as well as domestic and sexual politics in this play.

I feel that Ibsen exposes how gender and class issues ...

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This job discusses the social/domestic problem that Ibsen is addressing.

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Hedda Gabler

I'm reading Hedda Gabler in class. As I was reading, the character Hedda seemed to resemble two other characters from different readings: the main character in Camue's 'Stranger' and the wife in Hemingway's 'Cat in the rain.'
I've done some web searches and found out that the main reasons why she commits suisicde are 'her place into society, her emotional state, her lack of power, her lifestyle'(www.literatureclassics.com). Then can't she be no different from the main character in 'Stranger?' In Stranger, Meursault had no emotional feelings/religious belief /hope /desire because the society he lived at that time was just after the world war. Hedda is empty of feeling due to the social conditions in Norwegian society at the time(women as a gender class had no power).
Then I began to think her character could be somewhat similar to the character in Hemingway's 'Cat in the Rain' . I know the female character in the reading portrays an American wife. But similar to Hedda Gabler, the Hemingway's short story deals with the emotional distance between the couple. Couples in both stories are not aware of their problems. In addition, it seems as if they are both bored of marriage(if not life)
Am I going in a totally wrong comparisons you think? I need to write a paper on her personalities ;why Hedda acts as she does and why she commits suicide, etc. But I thought if I am making sense with the comparison above, then i would mention it in my essay.

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