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Assessing Student Performance: Two Methods of Assessment

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For this assignment, choose one of the three scenarios: K-12, Higher Education, or Corporate Training. Using the Cybrary and any other resources at your disposal, describe one traditional method and one non-traditional method you would use to assess the students' performance of the learning objective stated in the scenario.

1. K-12:
You are developing a curriculum to teach 6th graders how to write a research paper. The following is the first learning objective: "Students will be able to develop an outline for a basic research paper."

2. Higher Ed:
You are developing a curriculum to teach senior citizens how to conduct research on the Internet. The following is the first learning objective: "Students will be able to navigate to various websites using the World Wide Web."

3. Corporate Training:
You are developing a curriculum to train new sales managers on how to hire front line sales staff. The following is the first learning objective: "Sales managers will be able to effectively conduct a phone interview."

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Example 1: Traditional Performance Assessment: History Project, Grade 8

State Goal: (Social Sciences)

? Understand and analyze comparative political and economic systems, with an emphasis on the political and economic systems of the United State.
? Understand and analyze events, trends, personalities, and movements shaping the history of the world, the United States, and Illinois.
? Demonstrate a knowledge of the basic concepts of the Social Sciences and how these help to interpret human behavior.
? Read, comprehend, interpret, evaluate, and use written material.


A. Language Arts

o Write effectively in different modes.
o Give oral presentations.
o Use language, including home language, to generate and develop topics, and works of personal interest.
o Analyze interactions/relationships between world cultures and science; identify achievements in scientific enterprises.
Fine Arts
o Analyze significant works in the arts that reflect society, various world cultures, and historical periods.
o Develop an understanding of geometric figures and relationships.
Social Sciences
o Analyze primary source documents.
o Exhibit an understanding of the chronology and significance of the major historical, political, social and economic events contributing to the development and growth of the U.S.A.
o Recognize how the allocation of resources affects the attitudes and behaviors of people at the national and international levels. ...

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Referring to one of the three scenarios, this solution assists in describing traditional methods and non-traditional methods that could be used to assess the students' performance of the learning objective stated in the scenario.

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