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description of validity and reliability

Attached is the copy of assessment chosen. Analyze each of your 10 chosen assessment tools for their reliability and validity. Create an organized format to provide your instructor with your findings for each assessment tool. You should provide the following information to your instructor:

a. Name of Tool

b. Is it reliable?

c. Is it valid?

d. Source of information to determine the validity/reliability of the assessment tool.


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This website has a good description of validity and reliability. Essentially an assessment is valid if it measures what it is supposed to measure, no test is considered 100% valid due to so many uncontrollable variables. An assessment is reliable if it will bring the same results if repeated again with the same student.

Pre-test - A pretest is mostly valid because it is asking the student what they know. However, a student can always guess correctly, especially if is in multiple choice format. Therefore it can't be 100% valid, but it can still be considered valid. A pretest is reliable because if you give it to the same student again before they learn the information they should score the same and it should work equally for different students. However, for both validity and reliability it will depend on how students are asked the questions and how they are expected to answer.

Online survey - An online survey will be very similar to the pretest.

Multiple choice - Multiple choice makes the assessment somewhat less reliable because students have a 1 in 4 or 1 in 5 chance of guessing correctly. This makes it easier to get a right answer than a more open ended test. It can also cause more confusion than other forms of tests for some students because of the way these tests are worded. Lastly, students that are learned in the skill of multiple choice test taking ...

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