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Survey, Co relational Research

Reserach Methods: Correlation, Survey

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Co relational Research: Correlation is a simple statistics used to identify the amount of variation in one variable as a function of the variation, presence ort absence of another.

Research Techniques: In a research design where relationship between an Independent variable and dependent variable/s is to be evaluated, co relational research method is used and appropriate statistical analysis tests are done. The mathematical formula for co relational research is an r with a value from -1.0 to 1.0
Reliability: Correlation method has different levels of reliability and strength. .30-.65, .68-75. and .85-.95 and above are roughly low medium and strong correlation ranges.
Validity: Validity of co relational research design is good too, if the experimental study is done under the same condition that it was done before, otherwise there will be a threat to validity in the ...

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