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    Current Event and Buyer/Consumer Behavior: summarize an article by showing how it relates to behavior marketing

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    Can you use an article from any ONLINE publication that discusses a topic related to Buyer/Consumer Behavior and summarize the article by showing how it relates to behavior Marketing?

    Can you summarize in six or more full paragraphs and list the publication and article that you used?

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    How Customer Self-Determination Influences Relational Marketing Outcomes: Evidence from Longitudinal Field Studies
    Utpal M. Dholakia, Journal of Marketing Research, Vol. XLIII, 2006, Pg. 109-120

    Relationship marketing has been a key area of research in the last two decades. The past research has looked into contractual relationships in industrial setting, value of individual customers, life-time value and share, etc. The past research has also identified some difficulties in the successful implementation of the customer relationship programs. A major challenge in consumer setting is to gauge each customer's interest in the relationship with the firm. The paper selected for summary here extends the research in the same area.

    This article examines the role of customers' self-determination in influencing relational outcome for firm. The article defined self- determination as a person's perception of joining a firm on his or her own initiative. The other types of customers joining the relationship are the ones who are enticed to join in response to an inducement by an external agent. These customers are referred as "firm determined" which means that they perceive the firm as inducing them to join. The ...

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