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    Plans, Buyers, Segmentation & Life Cycle

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    1. Discuss how a marketing manager could go about choosing among several possible marketing plans, given that choices must be made because of limited resources. Would the job be easier in the consumer product or in the business product area? Why?

    2. Discuss how business buyer behavior is different from consumer buyer behavior. What does this mean for a company attempting to sell goods to other organizations?

    3. Explain what market segmentation is.

    4. Discuss the life cycle of a product in terms of its probable impact on a manufacturer's marketing mix. Illustrate using personal computers.

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    STEP 1
    Choice of marketing plans;
    1. The marketing manager would go about listing different marketing plans and their costs.
    2. The marketing manager would select that plan that had the greatest cost- benefit advantage.
    3. The job would be easier in a business product because in a business product it is easier to do a cost benefit analysis. For instance if a marketing manager were selling stretch wrap machines to business, it would be relatively easier to calculate the number of sales persons he deployed to sell a specific number of machines.

    STEP 2
    Business buyer behavior is different from consumer buyer behavior. The consumer buyer is influenced by brand name, ...

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