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    Market segmentation (demographic, geographic, psychographic, usage, benefit).

    Four e-commerce strategies and how an online retailer would utilize them.

    Environmental scanning and how the factors of the e-environment affect an e-retailer.

    How companies use cookies and how they work in your browser.

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    Market segmentation (demographic, geographic, psychographic, usage, benefit):

    Market segmentation allows sellers to target a particular group of buyers.

    Demographic segmentation - dividing the market according to sex or gender, age, ethnicity, income, life cycle. By identifying which market to serve, manufacturers develop a brand niche in marketing.

    Geographic segmentation - this refers to area types.
    Kokemuller (2013) refers to it as "a common strategy when you serve customers in a particular area, or when your broad target audience has different preferences based on where they are located". Given example are Seasonal products, such as coats and winter gear and swimwear and beach attire, often are marketed to geographic segments.

    Political boundaries and climatic differences are in this category.

    Psychographic segmentation - Lifestyle, social class, and personality are in this category. This segmentation allows manufacturers of signature products to focus their advertisement in the particular sector of consumers. Apple , Inc. is able to market their smartphones because it fits with the lifestyle of the rich and famous. The same is true for high-end hotels.

    Four e-commerce strategies and how an online retailer would utilize them:

    Levy (2012) recommended these ecommerce strategies - a.) Expand Into International ...

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