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    Opportunity analysis

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    In Opportunity analysis the following bullets are based upon Progressive auto insurance. The product of focus analyzed is the Snapshot. Please help with the following:

    - Value chain analysis
    - Product life-cycle analysis
    - Market segmentation

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    Value chain analysis:
    The inbound logistics for progressive auto is the manufacturing and testing of the plug in device that records driver data into the on-board-diagnostic port of their car. The operations are the recording and sending of driving data Progressive. The calculation of the rate is also a part of the operations of Snapshot product. The outbound logistics is sending the discount information to the customer. The sales and marketing of Snapshot is achieved by the development of a device that is small as a door opener that collects and gives accurate data to Progressive (a). The maximum discount available with Snapshot is 30%. The promotion of Snapshot is through advertisements, online banners, and through the website of Progressive. The device is handed over to the customer or fixed on to the on board diagnostic port of his car. Snapshot gives the best discount to drivers that drive less, drive safely, and drive during safe hours of the day. The last item on value chain analysis is service. At the end of the six month ...

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