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Iphone opportunity analysis

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Create an Opportunity analysis for the Iphone: Include charts, graphs, diagrams, and summaries. Include each of these topics in your analysis:

· Opportunity analysis

· Product life-cycle analysis

· Customer analysis

· Target market analysis

· Market segmentation

response is 822 words including two diagrams plus references

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Please find guidelines and ideas for Opportunity Analysis for Iphone in the attached file.


Opportunity Analysis for Iphone

Opportunity Analysis
iPhone is the popular mobile phone of Apple Computers. There various opportunities existed in the market for this brand. It is considered as the most powerful operating device for mobile communication. These opportunities are as follow:
Use Gaming Platforms: iPhone can be best used or served as gaming platform. iPhone has various gaming options those are posing threats to the present gaming options offered by Sony and Nintedo. iPhone can be used for introducing advanced gaming options for casual gamers expanding its market scope and customer base (Game Changers: Opportunities and Challenges in the Video Game Markets, May 2009). According to the opportunity analysis, females can be attracted towards the use of hard-core gaming on iPhone. By involving females in hard core gaming, it is possible for this brand of Apple to generate higher revenues and income for the company in comparison to other brands. So, by developing this part of iPhone, it is possible for the company to enhance sales, revenues and profitability from iPhone.
Focus on Female Counterparts: It is true that iPhone has various options for both the counterparts whether it is male or female. At the same time, it is also true that female counterparts are growing in terms of their gaming preferences. This particular target market can become a profitable source for iPhone in developing its base through video gaming ...

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The expert creates an opportunity analysis for the IPhone.

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