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    Sales Plan: Phase One

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    -Select an existing product/service (IPhone). You are the Vice President of Sales for the company of the product or service that you selected. You have been asked to prepare a sales plan for the CEO. Prepare 350 words and include a chart or data graph. Include the following in the sales plan report:

    *Situation analysis - 350 words.

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    Please find the guidelines for Sales Plan & Situation Analysis in the attached file.

    Running Head: SALES PLAN

    Sales Plan & Situation Analysis

    Sales Plan for iPhone
    Sales Objective:
    The sales objective defines the future prospects of the particular products and services that are estimated by an organization (Peter & Donnelly, 2002). The sales objective of iPhone is as follow -
    • Increase market share of iPhone by 15%
    • Increase in revenue by 30% by increasing total sales up to 35%
    Market Segment:
    The iPhone includes several new features that may attract the different customers from different demographics (Lancaster & Reynolds, 2005). This product would be effective to attract teenagers and youth mainly. The market would be segmented on the basis of following demographics -
    Young Professionals - It includes the customer of ...

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