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Strategic Planning and Outcome Evaluation

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End of the chapter questions for one of my human resource development classes that I am having trouble with. Please use own words and detailed complete sentences (1 paragraph for each question; 5 sentences for paragraph). Cite any references used

1. Describe the importance of the implementation phase of strategic planning? (hint: has to do with making sure you turn the plan into action).

2. Describe outcomes to be met if a diversification strategic plan was used by Coca Cola (for example, go into new market or come up with new products). Operational outcomes must be measureable.

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1) The implementation phase of strategic planning is very important, largely due to the fact that it is the implementation of a strategic plan into the operational paradigm of an organization that makes the strategic plan an active component for the improvement of the organization. The implementation phase is also crucial due to the fact that this is the phase in which the ideas contained within a strategic plan are incrementally implemented into an organization's operational ...

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This solution describes the importance of strategic planning and outcome evaluation.

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Assessing Learning

I need the assistance using the ADDIE model here's the problem.

For this part of your instructional design, you are responsible for the following tasks:

Design an assessment/evaluation strategy & plan.
Explain how the plan provides evaluation across the full scope of your instructional design project and process.
Explain how the plan uses characteristics of criterion-referenced evaluation.
The design must include both formative and summative evaluation systems.
Include plans for both immediate and long-term evaluation of results.
Do not create detailed instrumentation. This is a strategic planning document.

I need help getting started. Thank you.

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