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Aetna health insurance

Discuss how these fit in the strategic plan
a. Personnel skill mix
b. Facilities
c. Shifting personnel needs
d. Design an evaluation plan
e. Financial assumptions
f. Capital expenditure planning
g. Expenditure plan
h. Forecasted income statement
I Cash flow
J Variance planning
k. Contingency planning
l. Implementation and evaluation
m. Moving the agenda forward in the organization
n. Detailed timelines
o. Leadership issues
p. Change management
q. Regulatory changes

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How these fit into the strategic plan?

a. Personnel skill mix?
For the strategic plan there is a need for a new skills mix, a new structure and new leadership. For this some of the current personnel may have to be retrenched, some employees retrained and some have to be recruited.
b. Facilities:
The new strategic plan will have different objectives: For example Aetna has the objective of reducing red tapism and processing claims faster. For this new offices and IT equipment will be required.
c. Shifting personnel needs
The renewed focus on strategic goals brings a need for different types of personnel. For instance, there is a need for project planning at the inception of the project. At the implementation stage of a project there are different types of personnel required.
d. Design an evaluation plan:
The evaluation plan should be directly connected to the strategic goals. For example if the strategic goals is to increase the profits fo the company, then one of the most important criteria for the evaluation of the sales personnel will be the achievement of their sales targets.
e. Financial assumptions:
The financial assumptions are important for strategic planning. The profitability figures are assumed to remain stable during the strategic plan period. For example, if the insurance premiums are ...

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