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Health Policymaking

Visit the congressional website that documents the hearing, "Strengthening and Improving Medicare" (http://energycommerce.house.gov/reparchives/108/Hearings/04092003hearing868/hearing.htm). the name of one witness, Susan Rawlings, (see the section "Witness List & Prepared Testimony"). Post a summary of that witness's testimony

Using other information on the hearing website or other sources, answer the following questions:

? What was the purpose of this hearing?
? Who were the interested parties? What were their interests?
? How does this hearing fit into the health policymaking process?

Please help me with these questions providing ideas and suggestions to help get me started. Thank you.

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Title: "Strengthening and Improving Medicare"

Susan Rawles is arguing for private plans e.g., privatization: "We believe very strongly that the expertise and learning of the private sector should be leveraged". (p. 27) "We believe in promoting self-care and focusing on focusing on preventive
measures." (p.28). It is Aetna's view (Rawles represents) that the private sector must be expanded or the program will fail due to the growing demand and the population living longer. Argues of the working together of government and private sectors to make affordable drug coverage for the beneficiaries of Medicare. (p. 28)

Rawles (and the organization she represents) believes in the following:

· Adequate funding: for long-term stability and sustainability and "...government must fund Medicare... beneficiaries" (p. 27)

· Addition of pharmaceutical (p. 28)

· Access is critical for the beneficiaries

· Aspects of coordination of care e.g., Medicare+Choice programs and other private plans (p. 28)

Susan Rawles also argues that private plans will benefit both the government and beneficiaries, such as:

· Provides richer benefits e.g., "In 2002, 70% of Medicare+Choice had access to prescription drugs." (p. 28)

· Provides affordable access to low income and minority beneficiaries

· Provide better quality than traditional fee for service.

· Offer better choice http://energycommerce.house.gov/reparchives/108/Hearings/04092003hearing868/hearing.htm

Now, let's take a closer look at the following questions.

a. What was the purpose of this hearing?

As the title of the hearing suggests, the purpose of this hearing was to investigate ways to strengthen and improve Medicare. The goal is one of improving and ...

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Based on the scenario and websites, this solution discusses the purpose of this hearing, the interested parties, their interests and how this hearing fits into the health policymaking process.