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Policy Formulation: "Strengthening and Improving Medicare"

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On April 9, 2003 the U.S. congressional Subcommittee on Health (part of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce) heard testimony from various witnesses on the topic "Strengthening and Improving Medicare."

Please see the site: http://energycommerce.house.gov/108/Hearings/04092003hearing868/hearing.htm for the following hearing:

Committee Hearing
The House Committee on Energy and Commerce
W.J. "Billy" Tauzin, Chairman
Strengthening and Improving Medicare (attached)

In this assignment, I chose Mr. Rick Foster to research the following:

Mr. Rick Foster
Chief Actuary
Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services
500 Security Boulevard
Baltimore, MD, 21244-1850

Please help me with the following questions:

1. Please summarize his testimony in 2-3 paragraphs.
2. What was the purpose of this hearing?
3. Who were the interested parties? What were their interests?
4. How does this hearing fit into the health policymaking process?

Thank you.

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Solution Summary

Referring to the U.S. Congressional Subcommittee on Health (part of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce), this solution assists in summarizing Rick Foster's testimony, the purpose of this hearing, who the interested parties are and what their interests are, as well as how this hearing fits into the health policymaking process.

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