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Strengthening and Improving Medicare.

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Strengthening and improving Medicare.

Please help me with the following questions in reference to the Witness testimony: The house committee on energy and commerce:

1. Summarize witness Ms. Marilyn Moon PH.d testimony.
2. Summarize the hearing and its role in policymaking.
3. what was the purpose of the hearing?
4 who were the interested parties?
5. what were their interests?
6.how does the hearing fit into the health policy making process?

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This solution responds to the questions referring to "the witness testimony: The house committee on energy and commerce" on several dimensions e.g. summarizes the testimony of the witness Ms. Marilyn Moon and the hearing and its role in policymaking; the purpose of the hearing; identifies the interested parties and what their interests were; as well as how the hearing fits into the health policy making process. Supplemented with an informative article on the testimony of Ms. Marilyn Moon, as well as an article related to essential policy skills. References are provided.

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Please refer to file response attached. I also attached two highly relevant articles.


1. Summarize witness Ms. Marilyn Moon PhD testimony.

Her testimony can be summarized it in five major issues she raised below:

? First, the drivers of healthcare costs are not unique to Medicare, and it is important to recognize that Medicare needs to grow in concert with changes in the healthcare system as a whole.

? I offer an alternative measure of affordability to illustrate that even with no changes in the basic program, the burdens from Medicare are not excessive in the context of reasonable expectations about economic growth in the future.

? While society can afford to spend more on healthcare for older and disabled persons, passing greater costs onto older and disabled Americans must be done with caution.

? Change in Medicare will be needed but the answer may not rest with turning the program over to the control of the private sector. Medicare actually has a better track record over the last thirty years than does private insurance.

? Traditional Medicare can and should remain a major part of the overall program; but it too needs a number of changes (http://energycommerce.house.gov/108/Hearings/04092003hearing868/Moon1405.htm attached for convenience).

2. Summarize the hearing and its role in policymaking.

Basically, the hearing addresses the five points listed above. The long term financing challenges facing Medicare are formidable. Largely because of advances in medicine and technology, spending on both the old and the young has grown at a rate faster than spending on other goods and services. Combining a population that will increasingly be over the age of 65 with health care costs that will likely continue to rise over time is certain to mean an increasing share of national resources devoted to this group. In order to meet this challenge, the ...

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