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Minimum HIPAA Requirements

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Describe miminum HIPAA requirements for a small clinic.

Discuss how you think psychologists get involved with fraudent practices.

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The expert describes the minimum HIPAA requirements for a small clinic. How you think psychologists get involved with fraudulent practices are determined.

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(1) Describe minimum HIPAA requirements for a small clinic.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability privacy rule (HIPPA) was established in 2003 to provide uniform privacy protections over patients' health information. The policy included measures against access to the sharing of medical and financial records. Psychologists are required to obtain a patient's consent to using personal health information (PHI) to administer the transfer, treatment, payment and health care operations [e.g.. utilization review, auditing, ] (Beresoff, 2003). They must also indicate on the original consent form that the patient may revoke the consent in writing at any time. According to Beresoff, beyond consent, patients have a right to (a) inspect and copy PHI (not therapy notes); (b) request a change in their PHI if they feel it is incorrect; and (c) receive a listing of all disclosures of PHI for the past 6 years (p. 529). Thus the minimum requirements for a small clinic is to follow guidelines that are in ...

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