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    HIPAA privacy requirements

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    What are the privacy requirements under HIPAA? Explain why confidentiality of health information has been a controversial public policy issue. Give a real world example. How can health information be better protected? Research and present two real life strategies that have been successfully implemented within the last five years. Include two APA citations

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    The privacy requirements under HIPAA include the fact that there are only certain instances in which an individual's health care provider may disclose the protected health information of a patient. A healthcare provider can provide or disclose the protected health information of an individual under their care in order to ensure that the individual receives the treatment that they need, to ensure that the treatment that was received by the patient is properly paid for, and in the facilitation of the supplementary operational procedures that are necessary in order to ensure that the patient receives the treatment that is needed. Under these circumstances, protected information can be provided without the necessity of written permission from the patient. Whenever it is necessary for the disclosure ...