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    HIPAA Privacy Information

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    What is HIPAA?
    What are 2 major rules of HIPAA that deal with privacy?
    How can HIPAA affect the way a company does business?
    What are some ways to protect patient information so that the practice is HIPAA compliant?

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    HIPAA is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

    HIPAA has two rules. They are the Privacy Rule and the Security Rule. HIPAA Privacy Rule protects patients from unauthorized access to their personally identifiable health information (PHI). It establishes a set of national standards. The goal of this rule is to make sure that a client's PHI is protected while still allowing for a flow of medical information that will allow for high quality medical care.

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    This posting includes basic information about HIPAA and hot it relates to individual privacy. Also included are ways a company can become HIPAA compliant.