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    health care information system

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    Lead a discussion on a current event on the subject of HIPAA. Find an article of pertinence and post a link to that article. To begin the discussion, summarize the article you chose..
    • All articles should be from 2014 or later. You cannot use the same article as another student.

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    health care information system

    Lead a discussion on a current event on the subject of HIPAA


    The HIPAA information that will be focused upon for this particular posting is predicated upon the necessity for healthcare organizations to remain in compliance with stringent documentation requirements set forth by the legislative act wherein audits of healthcare organizations can result in a significant amount of documentation that must be provided to ensure that the organization is in compliance. This has resulted in a complicated process for many healthcare organizations that have struggled to ...

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    Health care information systems are given. A discussion to summarize the articles are given.