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    Management Information Systems for a Hospital Organization

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    I must conduct an online search and learn about one management information system that can improve performance in a hospital organization. Any references used must be from 2014-2015; APA style with abstract 2-3 pages in length (not to include reference and abstract pages).

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    McKesson extends its HIS beyond inpatient setting. Periodical Medical Device Daily. 1/7/2014, Vol. 18 Issue 4, p4-4. 1/3p.



    The problem that will be discussed in this brief summary that is provided for (you) to elaborate upon is the problems that currently impact the ambulatory environment. The problems associated a lack of a competent IT system in ambulatory care include errors that cause missed/delayed diagnoses, the lessened likelihood that patients will receive proper treatment or preventive services, and medication errors/adverse drug events. Because many hospitals use disparate healthcare technology, it is common for physicians and clinicians who serve in ambulatory care to lack ...

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    This solution of 520 words discusses how management information systems can benefit and improve the performance of a hospital organization. It includes recommendations and examples as well as references used.