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    Management Information Systems Written Report

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    A problem-solving approach to case analysis will be introduced in class. For this approach, you will take a consultant role, and assume that you were hired by an organization to:

    - Make use of your knowledge of IS management
    - Provide an objective opinion on one or more problems
    - Provide realistic options for action for this organization

    The case is available on this website: http://wps.prenhall.com/bp_brown_mit_6/86/22191/5681052.cw/index.html and provide a consultant's report which summarizes the problem(s) presented in the case, your "professional" opinion of the underlying causes of the problems, and offer a realistic course of action how to rectify the problem. This website provides a sample consultant report for reference: http://www.mhhe.com/mayfieldpub/tsw/rep-cons.htm.

    The report should be written from a consultant's perspective. This company has hired you to advise them on how to fix their problem. Use facts from the Internet to support your recommendations. Ensure your report provides an accurate assessment of the current situation, a complete formulation of issues or problems, and technologically and organizationally sound recommendations for action. Please let me know if you are able to do this project, thanks.

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    The case study of Methodist Hospital clearly reveals that Methodist Hospital of Indiana has merged with Indian University hospitals. Methodist Hospital is well known for its organ transplant program and its emergency medicine trauma center. The records of Methodist Hospital of year 1990 explain clear data that Methodist had admitted 43,000 patients, serving almost 250,000 outpatients and received about 80,000 visits to its emergency room. From all these events, in the year of 1991, it had generated a net income of over $23 million and the operating revenue generated by hospital was around $416 million (Methodist Hospital of Indiana, n.d.).

    Methodist Hospital had installed a TDS system in order to maintain the medical records of admitted patients of the hospital by investing $20 million. The main problem that Methodist Hospital faced was its information services. The members of Methodist were having problem with the services provided by the IS department. This resulted in decreasing the reputation of Methodist Hospital. Due to this information services problem, the laboratories and department started acquiring their own systems. For getting better understanding of all these issues it is necessary to have a look at what information systems are and what the use of information systems is in health care organizations (Methodist Hospital of Indiana, n.d.).

    This section of the paper will discuss information systems. This section will also describe the importance of information systems in health care organizations. This section will also be helpful in explaining the role of technology in various organizations.

    Information systems and use of it in health care organizations

    Information systems are the systems that support the operations, management and decision-making processes of an organization with the efficient use of information technology. Information technology has a great significance in success of the organizations in today's world. It contains database management systems, office automation, and personal computers that are very helpful for every organization in accelerating its growth and success. There is a great need of knowledge creation for every health care organization, such as hospitals, etc. Thus, these information systems have been created in order to create knowledge about the patients and their treatments (Falkenberg, Lyytinen & Stuart, 2000).

    The clinical staff of health care organizations constantly focuses on deploying innovative patient care information systems in order to acquire, store and transfer the knowledge about medical procedures of the patients. These systems are helpful for the health care organizations in keeping and maintaining medical records of the patients. It is also very necessary for the health care organizations to focus on the integration of information systems in order to provide better solutions to the patients' problems.

    Importance of technology for the organizations

    Technology is an important issue for the executives of the organizations. Every organization focuses a lot on creating and developing innovative technology for the betterment of the operations of the organizations. The companies often evaluate the measures that should be taken in order to develop technology. The companies also think a lot about how to market the technology, how to use technology, and how to pay for technology. Therefore, it can be said that the companies are spending a lot of money and time on developing, deploying and promoting technologies in their products and services in order to satisfy customers in a positive manner. Technology touches every sphere of an individual's life and also impacts corporations a lot. That is why the corporations are adopting more advanced and innovative technologies in order to succeed in the market. In order to develop the best technology, the corporations are focusing on identifying and developing new strategies, so that both the company and consumers can be benefited with the technology (Strong, 2000).

    The new strategies regarding implementation of innovative technologies are very helpful for the organizations in getting competitive advantage. The new wave of technology has been very fruitful for individuals, as they have discovered computers. Computers have made the business operations of the organizations much easier as compared to the previous era that was without computers. Computerization has provided various dimensions to the way of doing business in the organizations.

    There are several types of technologies, such as information technology, design and manufacturing technology, etc., that are being used by the organizations in today's world. Like other organizations, use of effective and innovative technology is very important for health care organizations for making processes of the hospital effective. Advanced and innovative technological development is very helpful for health care organization in providing better treatment to the patients and maintaining the medical records of the patients in a very effective manner (Strong, 2000).

    Other technologies, such as designing and manufacturing technology, are also helpful in the success of the companies as it provides computer-aided design, automated storage/retrieval systems, and robotics, etc., to the companies. The companies that have remained untouched by computerization have to face several problems in performing their business operations. Therefore, it can be emphatically said that technology is very necessary for the companies in order to sustain successfully in the market.

    The companies should adopt technological development and changes in both their product lines and their business operations. Like other organizations, use of effective and innovative technology is very important for health care organizations for making processes of the hospital effective. Advance and innovative technological development are very helpful for health care organization in providing better treatment to the patients and maintaining the medical records of the patients in a very effective manner (Banta, 2004).

    Next, the problems that are faced by Methodist Hospital will be discussed. The following section will also describe the possible causes of problems of information systems in the hospital

    Problems and causes of information systems in Methodist Hospital

    Information systems have prominent significance in increasing the efficiency of business operations of organizations. As far as the case of Methodist Hospital of Indiana is concerned, it can be said that the hospital was losing its reputation because of its poor information system services. The organization was facing problems due to the ineffective TDS patient care system. This system had several drawbacks, which were creating problems for the patients as well as physicians, nurses and other members of the hospital. The organization was ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 4360 words with references. The paper provides an overview of Methodist hospital. The discussion explains the issues and the problems presented in the case of Methodist hospital. This paper will be helpful in defining the solutions that can be fruitful in overcoming the issues and problems mentioned in the case of Methodist hospital. The report made by the consultant will provide an understanding of IS management and importance of technology for Methodist hospital.