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Writing a formal report

I need some help writing 3 page report explaining why I might be asked to create a formal business report and what components I would need to include in order to produce an effective formal report.

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In order to write a report such as this you should first start with an outline of the two points you need, 1) why you might be asked to write a report, 2) what would you need to include for the report to be effective. You might also need to put in the outline what a formal report is. This will be your opening and you should use the text for the definition.

Use the points in the outline to extrapolate to sentences and paragraphs and your paper is written. Not all papers can be written in this way, but almost always, an outline is called for and makes the paper easier to write.

I cannot write the paper for you, but I can get you started. You will find half of your needed pages are easily written directly from the outline. A good writer then adds examples and support if necessary to make the paper complete.

A formal business report is a report that is written to identify certain information as designated in criteria formulated by the body or person seeking the information. It does not usually contain superfluous information. (HERE PLEASE ADD WHAT YOU KNOW ABOUT FORMAL REPORTS.)
a. Researched the material
b. Has expertise in area
c. Understands the problem and possible solution
d. Closest to problem or information
e. Needs to ask for funding
f. Wants to inform others of specifics of job or problem/solution
g. Have created a new, better way or found better sources or ...

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The reasons for writing a formal report, what it is, and how it differs from other reports.