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    The Importance of Executive Summary

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    Discuss why, after all the work that has been done to prepare a marketing research report, it is usually the executive summary that is most thoroughly read. What does this mean to you as the researcher who prepares the report?

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    The major reason is that the executive summary gives the reader a bird's eye-view or cross section of the entire research report in too short a time.

    According to the University of Southern California (2014), the executive summary attracts the readers because a.) it summarizes key points saving them time and preparing them for the upcoming content, and b.) it is a stand-alone document, with sufficient content to ensure that the reader can completely understand the contents of the longer research study.
    The executive summary highlight the strengths of the overall research report, briefly tells the reader where the company is going, where you want to take it, and why your business idea will be ...

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    This is a discussion on the need to write properly the executive summary of every research report. It also identifies reasons why the executive summary of every report is most thoroughly read by panel of research reviewers.