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    categories of business reports

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    List and discuss the categories of business reports and demonstrate your understanding of the different reports with a thorough discussion of applying the three step writing process to reports.

    3-4 pages with 2 credible sources (APA format)

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    Categories of Business Reports and Writing Process

    Types of Business Reports

    The business report can be classified in several ways:

    On the basis of legal formalities:

    Ø Informal Reports - In the informal reports there is person to person communication. The reports are sometimes short or they may take several pages. Generally, these reports are submitted in letter or memorandum form (BUSINESS REPORTS).

    Ø Formal Reports - Formal reports have prescribed a format and the reports are present in a set procedure to an authorized person. There are two kinds of formal reports; statutory and non-statutory (BUSINESS REPORTS).

    On the basis of frequency of issue:

    Ø Periodic reports - Periodic reports are those prepared in the regular course of business. The time of submission of reports can be once in a year, semi-annually, monthly or weekly. The facts and figures are presented in these reports without any recommendation or suggestion (BUSINESS REPORTS).

    Ø Special reports- The reports prepared for some special purpose or event are known as special reports. These are related to an occasion or situation (BUSINESS REPORTS).

    Function based:

    Ø Informative - Information reports are based on the facts of a particular situation. For instance, the sales figure of a particular period.

    Ø ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 906 Words, APA References