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    Demographic reports

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    Company CW is coming out with a new snack food. The Regional Manager is interested in some American Marketing Association reports on demographics. The files contain the following reports: General Summary, Census Trend 12980 to 2000 Sugary, Occupation and Employment Summary and Income Summary. In these demographics reports the data for many of the variables is distributed into many different categories. Example, there are 7 different categories for Educational Attainment in the General Summary Report and 20 categories for Employment by Industry in the Occupation and Employment Summary Report. The Regional Manager wants to see a smaller number of comprehensible categories.

    Attached are the reports for zip code 60614. Using all four demographic reports (Overview, Trend, Employment and Population Detail) for the latter zip code, need to choose four variables (ONE from each report) and explain how you would collapse the categories and why. Show any graphs or charts.


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    For the census trend report, you could consolidate the percentage change in household income data. Instead of having 13 different increments, you could divide income into six categories: Less than $30,000, Less than $50,000, Less than $75,000, Less than $100,000, Less than $150,000 and Over ...

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