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    Using Technical Data in Reports

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    Many business reports reference technical data. What are some examples of business reports you've worked with? What types of technical data may be referenced? How do you present this data? Does presenting this data, in visual form (chart, graphic, table) help, or hinder, the reader's comprehension of the report? Should a legend be provided for visuals you provide? When is a legend useful?

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    I've used business reports to track daily/weekly/period sales. These reports may look at the entire company, a single department, or even a particular product or vendor. Also, I have used and created reports to develop products. These reports include a description of the product with technical specifications for development. In producing user guides for products, technical information is included to show consumers the inner workings of their appliance as well as to help with trouble shooting. At headquarters, we take these instructions further to give our technicians detailed guides for repairing products. Other reports include demographic ...

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    This solution gives examples of business reports and the type of technical data that may be referenced. The method of presentation is discussed as well as when a legend is useful. Examples are included.