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    Business Communications: Technological Aspects

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    Discussion Question 1

    There are many ways to create documents for work - written by hand, with the assistance of technology, and even verbally. For documents created using technology, has this improved communication in the business world (or not)? If it has improved communication, list specific examples. If not, also list specific examples.

    Discussion Question 2

    Many business reports reference technical data. What are some examples of business reports? What types of technical data may be referenced? How do you present this data? Does presenting this data, in visual form (chart, graphic, table) help, or hinder, the reader's comprehension of the report? Should a legend be provided for visuals you provide? Why is a legend useful?

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    What is a document created using technology? It could be something as simple as a typewriter. Or it could be a typed word document, or even a page where a person writes directly onto the screen, and then the program converts it to typed text. All of these are different then just a piece of paper with some hand written notes.

    This has definitely improved communication for many reasons.

    - A person does not have to have perfect penmanship for everyone to understand their document. Imagine you try to submit a business report, but your handwriting is messy, it would make it very hard for other people to read and understand.

    - It is faster and easier for a person to organize their thoughts down on paper. If you are handwriting a paper and you make mistakes and want to edit the order of your paper, change words.. then you have to re-write the entire paper

    - It makes it easier and ...

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    This postings comprises of two business communication questions. First, we are asked if technology has improved the way that business communication is performed and secondly we look at the inclusion of technical data in a report. 657 words.