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    Business Proposal and Macroeconomics Policy

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    PLEASE HELP ! ! !

    The business I am using is a newly created Childrens Hospice - looking to perhpas expand

    I need about 700 - 900 words with original material formatted APA style

    I am going to use this information as a basis to form a power point presentation

    I would like each section delineated for ease of use
    The points that need to covered include :


    o In what technological innovations do you think your organization must invest that you would propose to business partners?

    o Why would you choose those innovations instead of an alternative that lacks technology?

    o How do you foresee that technological investment providing you with a competitive advantage? Why would the decision make sound economic sense?


    Thank you

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    The technological innovation that I think Children's Hospice should invest into is Vocera communications system. This is a voice over internet protocol and a technology that will contribute to the better administration and improvement of facilities at Children's Hospice. The great advantage is that voice messaging is transported through the internet rather than public telephone services.
    o In what technological innovations do you think your organization must invest that you would propose to business partners?
    The technological innovation I feel that Children's Hospice should invest in is the Vocera communications system. It provides hands-free, voice communications throughout a building or campus. I propose to my partners that they must invest in Vocera communications system sothat team members of Children's Hospice and its groups can communicate instantly. and effortlessly. I propose to the partners that Vocera communications system will improve the productivity of Children's Hospice, improve teamwork and increase the level of customer services.
    The Vocera communications system actually means that the healthcare providers each get a Vocera communications badge. This one part of a complete wireless VOIP communications system. The bande provides a voice-controlled user interface to Vocera communications system. The badge can be worn with a clip on the users clothing, ...

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