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    Discuss issues of communicating in the virtual workplace

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    This course offers guidance and examples on how to communicate effectively in a workplace that is increasingly dependent upon technology as a means to communicate globally. The course provides students with an understanding of technology-mediated communication and the ability to maximize the use of new mediums to optimize organizational communications. Intranets, Internet, e-commerce, and the impacts upon customer satisfaction of new communications technologies are explored.

    Electronic Commerce introduces a number of distinctions between different types of organizations and activities related to the virtual economy?e-commerce versus e-business, for example. How and where are these distinctions useful?

    Electronic Commerce introduces a number of distinctions between different types of transactions. Why is this important? What use is this distinction?

    Electronic Commerce describes a number of forces driving e-commerce. How do these different forces relate to each other?

    Given how widely e-commerce has spread; provide examples of businesses that do not have an e-commerce component. What communication characteristics do these businesses share?

    Electronic Commerce indicates, e-commerce changes the role of information in business. Information costs are lower, and more information is available. What are ways this changes the nature of business communication?

    Electronic Commerce indicates, one element defining e-commerce is increased flexibility. In what communication-specific ways might this increased flexibility be negative?

    What are the characteristics of virtual communication? How do they differ from the characteristics of natural communication?

    How might the communications needs of a virtual worker differ from those of a more traditional office worker? Based on these needs, how would you structure various types of communications?memo, voice mail message, and so forth?for a virtual worker? Discuss how a manager's style might need to change if he or she supervises a virtual staff.

    How does communication flow up, down, and across your company? Who may talk to whom? What are the preferred methods, or technologies, for communication?

    What do you feel are the primary strengths and weaknesses of your company's communications structure?

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    Business-to-consumer and business-to-business commerce carried on by way of the Internet or other electronic networks is known as electronic commerce. It is not just about buying and selling as it includes number of activities. Electronic commerce may comprise all intra-company and inter-company functions, where its different distinctions are useful. It provides benefits to different aspects of an organization and due to these different kinds of benefits its different distinctions are used by different business activities of a business organization (Introducing Electronic Commerce, n.d.).

    Some considers it as a form of business transaction in which the parties communicate electronically rather than by physical exchanges or contacts. On the other hand, some use it as a digitally modified commercial transaction flanked by economic parties. Distinction related with electronic commerce is used by an organization, which completes its transactions' over a computer-mediated network that postulates the shift of ownership or rights to make use of goods or services; while, distinction related with electronic business refers to an organization, which conducts its processes over a computer mediated network.

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    All the distinctions introduced by electronic commerce are important as it fulfils the needs of particular business activities of an organization in accordance to their own needs and resources. The concept of E-commerce includes notions of business to business e-commerce, business to consumer e-commerce, consumer to consumer e-commerce, business process and business to government e-commerce (Introducing Electronic Commerce, n.d.). By making use of these distinctions organizations can fulfil their transactions needs in a prominent manner. All these distinctions assist organizations in enabling their transactions and commerce in a more peculiar manner.

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    In present a number of positive forces are fuelling future growth of electronic commerce and its estimation can be done by analyzing the most Fortune 1000 companies, which are actively employing an e-commerce or e-procurement product or service. The prominent reasons of its adoption differ significantly between businesses of diverse sizes, between industry focuses, among geographic locations and among product/service line directions. The most crucial reason for adopting e-commerce is the capability to sell products and services throughout an extremely well-organized, cost effective ...

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    The issues of communicating in the virtual workplace are discussed.