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    Communication reflection and challenges for virtual teams

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    Communication Reflection

    Analyze your experience in working with your team for the Team Project on Leadership. Discuss the factors of your team's virtual communication challenges and successes within the context of the module information on communication, conflict, and negotiation, and your own research as needed. Address what you could have done to enhance the team's ability to work together more effectively, and what lessons you have learned about virtual communication and your own abilities for future team participation.

    Please be sure to support your response with reference citations to research or other outside information sources.

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    Communication Reflection

    Discussing communication of any kind requires looking at compatibility and conflict. In order to know how to be compatible, employees must know what conflicts could exist that make this impossible. Addressing conflict in the office requires figuring out what causes conflict. Most times, people will look at conflict as something negative and degrading when in fact it is a door opening up to resolution once it is recognized and addressed.


    There are eight causes of conflict and they are described below:

    1) Conflicting Needs
    Employees will always be competitive. They compete for power, promotions, and higher salaries. It can also be about an office or a change in an office - such as size or décor. "There is no surprise when the 'have-nots' gripe and plot against the 'haves' (Bell, 2002)."
    2) Conflicting Styles
    Every employee is not the same as any other. This difference leads to conflict in the way jobs are done or between different personalities. Some employees work in a free office and others in a more structured one.
    3) Conflicting Perceptions
    "Employees may view the same incident in dramatically different ways (Bell, 2002)." How the employees see the events and people at the workplace contributes to conflict. One person may feel the employee newly hired is intimidating. Some may feel the new employee is threatening their job. "Resentment and conflict can also occur when one department is viewed as more valuable to the organization ...

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