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    Written Communication in Law Enforcement

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    Written Communication

    Describe the use of appropriate language in written communication.
    Demonstrate writing skills in law enforcement reports.

    If you were an investigator writing a report on a suspect whom you believe to be guilty but for whom the evidence is too weak to go to trial, would you exaggerate or add to the facts in your report? Why or why not?

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    Formal Appropriate Language

    Law Enforcement is a bureaucratic system characterized by communication in a formal manner. Formality, when hierarchy & due process is necessary equates to the use of what is expectedly the use of 'high' language by the speaker as opposed to a 'low' one. This is so because the speaker takes on a role. For example, an Officer addresses his senior supervisor as "Sir" and when he is in the process of opposing his colleague's view, he use the phrase, "with all due respect". Formal language is used not just in speech/verbal communications as expected in a bureaucracy. It is also used in letters, papers, reports and in electronic/digital communications such as e-mails and bulletins. as such formal language is 'appropriate' for official police business where political & social correctness is asked for by various situations that law enforcement must handle. For instance, law enforcement officers are at times asked to appear in court as witnesses to a trial, at times they have to respond to domestic issues. In all these, law enforcement personnel check themselves and choose the words to say, the tone of voice and language, after all ...

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    The concise solution discusses the use of appropriate language to create an effective system of written communication in Law enforcement. The solution also discusses the moral issues behind writing reports on suspects, specifically the morality behind embellishing reports to counteract weak evidence to ensure that the suspect is punished. Sample reports are provided. Written in APA format, the reference section allows students to expand on ideas presented. Attached is a word version of the solution for easy printing.