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Intuitive Reckoning: Hunch

Please help. I need advice to answer the following question -

When is it inappropriate to share a hunch? Why?

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Dear Student,
I advise that you read the 'hunches' list of articles I provided, it will provide extra ammunition for discussion of the use of hunches in law enforcement.

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A Hunch: Intuitive Reckoning

A hunch is that 'gut feeling' or 'idea' that forms when certain details and facts are gathered about an event, an individual, a subject matter or in law enforcement, a case. It is an intuitive reckoning, that human ability to arrive at plausible opinion or idea without the need for inference and a massive amount of reason and logic. In a way it is a form of personal assumption defined as 'an intuitive feeling or a premonition´ (2008, dictionary.com) that leads individuals to beliefs that is hard to justify without further proof or investigation. Intuition or 'hunches' are subjects of study in psychology & even the paranormal and was successfully tested through the quantitative process in Yale University in the 70´s.

"While ...

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The solution explains what hunches mean especially in law enforcement and why they prove invaluable. It explores the mechanics behind the way hunches are born and why they are based at times on valid and astute observation and experience where ignoring them becomes detrimental to an investigation. As such, the questionof the timing of sharing ahunch is explored and answered. Written in the APA format and word version is attached for easy printing.