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    Information System Basics

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    You are working with a new employee who has experienced minimal exposure to computers or networks. As part of the orientation, you are in charge of helping this employee.


    You need to provide an overview of your lesson including, but not limited to, the following:
    Create a timeline with an overview of information systems within health care.
    What are the priorities of information systems today?
    Choose one priority and discuss (in detail) the impact of your choice on health care organizations.
    Your answer should be supported with a minimum of at least 1 reliable source in addition to your text.

    I need 1 page for this including in text citations and references using APA format.

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    The health care information system today manages a large amount of information about millions of people. Health care information systems form an essential part of most modern hospitals and doctor practices. Even though earlier health care information systems were used only to simplify medical appointment scheduling, later the patient's complete medical history was stored on them. Today not only does the health care systems keep patient records, they also support practice.

    Create a timeline with an overview of information systems within health care.

    1960-70 Health care systems were used for billing, cost based reimbursement, financial and administrative uses. Only the largest hospitals and medical centers used them. There was centralized processing on mainframe computers.

    1970-80 Health care systems started using turnkey systems purchased through vendors. There was increased use of clinical applications. Shared systems were still in use. Mainframe computers were still in use. Minicomputers were introduced in some hospitals.

    1980-1990 Health care systems started using distributed data processing. The computerized ...

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    Health care systems are explained in a structured manner in this response. The answer includes three references used.