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    Sustaining MMA

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    On April 9, 2003 the U.S. congressional Subcommittee on Health (part of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce) heard testimony from various witnesses on the topic "Strengthening and Improving Medicare."

    Since that time, the Medicare Modernization Act (MMA ) was passed to extend the life of Medicare programming. Part of this legislation involved the passage of Part D (Prescription Drug Insurance). Another significant part of this legislation involved various Pay For Performance (P4P) incentives. Refer to at least 3 articles (2003 or newer) summarizing recent legislation/changes related to Medicare Part A-D programming.
    summarize and synthesize the most recent Medicare related legislation from the articles and analyze what impact this will have on the involved stakeholders (i.e., patients, providers, third-party payers).

    Provide a forecast for Medicare Reform

    Include a prediction of how this Medicare legislation will impact the life of the Medicare program. Propose at least 1 change to the current Medicare legislation that will extend the life of the program beyond 2026.

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    The document discusses key aspect of MMA 2003 and subsequent legislative actions related to Medicare Part D. A proposed solution for cost containment and maintaining the prescription program is provided.