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    Classifying activities for a company

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    The following is a list of activities that occur for a company that sells many different types of products. Please classify each as either examples of unit level (U), batch Level (B), product level (P), or organization sustaining activity (O):

    a. Packing labor wages u
    b. Materials handling labor wages u
    c. part administrators' salaries
    d. plant management salaries
    e. production scheduling staff salaries
    f. Cost of servicing production equipment, based on hours used o
    g. property taxes for a plant site
    h. Production expediters' salaries
    i. Insurance for plant facility
    j. Plant security
    k. Production workers' training
    l. Cost of electricity to run production equipment.

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    A - this would be a unit level activity because it is based on units produced.
    B - batch level, this is completed in batches
    C - Organization ...

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    This solution classifies each activity into the proper category as either unit level, batch level, product level, or an organization sustaining activity.