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    Healthcare and Intellectual Properties

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    Think of two common, current health care firms with which you are familiar. What types of intellectual properties do you think they own? What factors do you think they considered in determining what their intellectual property is and how that may affect their firm and other firms in the health care industry?

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    Ownership of intellectual property is a major asset for any corporation. In the health care field, it comprises copyrights of original works published or unpublished, inventions not limited to new and improved devices, medical instruments, systems, circuits, and compounds; novel biological materials such as proteins, genes, DNA constructs, cell lines and transgenic animals; novel diagnostics; immunoassays; software inventions, therapeutics o pharmaceuticals. In other ways anything that can be patented, copyrighted or registered as a trademark under the law and can give the owner an edge over his/her competition.

    Health care firms protect their intellectual property using various legal tools like rapid inscriptions of the property with its corresponding governmental enforcing agency, licensing agreements, internal policies, and sometimes even strategic alliances. Many health care providers like university or insurance owned hospitals and health care research companies actively recruit top scientists in the health care field to gain an advantage in creating new possibilities for intellectual property. Take for example Partners Health Care ...

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    The solution discusses what comprises intellectual property in the health care industry and its possible value in a competitive market.